I am working in a few pet projects related with AI / Deep learning and distributed technologies.

Most of them are being developed. Sorry, if they are too desorganized yet, the idea is to clean them and add a good test coverage when they start to be mature and stable.


These projects have been developed with a complete stack:

  • VueJS - frontend
  • Flask - Backend
  • Gunicorn and Docker for deployment
  • Keras, Tensorflow or Pytorch for deeplearning
  • SpaCY or Gensim for NLP The most interesting ideas which I am working are:

A very simple service for CBIR - Retrieval systems. Applying VGG16 networks, we calculate embedding to find similar images.

Applying RNN networks and websockets, I created a chatbot to talk (trained model from tweets)

Designed web crawler which analyse different news to detect useful information (topics, sentiment, etc)


In rust, I did a set of examples to improve my kung-fu code link and I just started a toy demo that It implements some serverless examples link


I help some partners in the development of NGIX modules and I play with different libraries link. And here, my boilerplate project to design modules in C++ (backend, ndk-android, etc) link


My motivations in JAVA is using different architectures. The basic example is the implementation of a clean architecture: link